Our Network

TRINERGY TECHNOLOGIES S.A., is associated with below mentioned Companies to offer their Products & Services in Saudi Arabia as required.

AL ESTAGAMAH GLOBAL GROUP, is a leading Supplier of Electrical , Instrumentation , Automation and Mechanical Product supply items like PLC’s , VFD’s , Sensors , Modems , Transducers , Switches , Power supplies, Instrumentation cables etc.

AL Estagamah is having > 20000 sqft space of warehouse in kingdom to maintain product business logistics.

GLOBAL INSIGNIA FOR TECHNICAL SERVICES, is a Technical service provider in testing & calibration of process field equipment, analytical engineering, gas engineering, instrumentation products, packages and training services in calibration & protective coatings. With state-of-the-art resources and top-notch skilled team we have built our niche with our patrons in the energy, hydrocarbons, power, education, industrial, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, defence, aviation, aerospace, and manufacturing, research & development sectors.

SAUDI PRO TECH, is a very well established Valves Manufacturing Company based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, offering Product & Solutions to High pressure lines, to extreme temperature requirements. Specialist in refurbishment of various kind of valves , Actuators and Valve control systems.

EXCEL ENGINEERING & CONTRACTING CO. LTD., was established in 2006 with registered office in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dammam with diversified interest in Engineering, Storage Tanks, Piping, Mechanical, Civil, Scaffolding, Corrosion Control, Coating Solutions, Technical manpower outsourcing & long-term maintenance domains.

Excel Engineering focuses on Engineering, Contracting and Services provided to Oil & Gas Industry , Infrastructure, Utilities, Transportation
and Production & Manufacturing.

TRINERGY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, BANGALORE, INDIA., a fully owned subsidiary in Bangalore, India with a mandate to address the growing Automation needs in India. Technology partnerships have been established with GE for their T&D equipment, BOSCH for Solar and Security Systems and CG Global for Substation primary equipment.

SUVIRE ELECTRIC, CHENNAI, INDIA where we manufacture Unitized Substations with GE dry type transformers and Control & Protection Panels, MCC’s, PCC’s. This is also our COE for manufacture of Enclosures of various types & sizes.

TRINERGY TECHNOLOGIES LLC, DUBAI, UAE is our holding company based in the UAE. The geographical location aptly addresses business interests and growth in the AIM (Africa / India / Middle East) region. The company’s expansion has been rapid with Associate companies established in the regions of immediate interest. They are as follows:

SUVIRE ELECTRIC FZE, UAE with the mandate to address the electrical power industry in the Gulf region.

SUVIRE is one of World’s leading manufacturers of Electric Switch gear Products including Medium & Low Voltage Distribution boards, Control Panels, customized Enclosures.The company is solution-focused and addresses the domestic and export markets in the Utility, Industrial and Renewable energy business segments