LV Electrical Equipment & Project Supplies

LV Electrical Equipment & Project Supplies

We offer ,

  1. Modems
  2. Instrumentation Cables
  3. Metal Enclosures
  4. Sensors
  5. Limit Switches
  6. Encoders & Decoders

Electrical Project Materials

We offer quality products for the immediate project requirements in various business segments: Power, Water, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure Projects.

  • Low Voltage Panel
  • Single Phase & Three Phase Plug In Type DBs:
  • Form 4 enclosures (CPRI Type Tested)

Low Voltage Panel:

  • Low Voltage Panels (LV Panels – current rating up to 6300A in FORM II / III/ IV
  • Form II, III & IV type switchboards with Indoor & Outdoor application
  • Automatic Power factor panel up to 1000KVAr, 14Steps with Capacitor banks backed up by HRC fuses controlled by microprocessor relay with capacitor duty contractors.

Form 4 enclosures (CPRI Type Tested):

  • Customized Design, creative, efficient and engineered specially to cater for customer requirements
  • Used for Indoor & Outdoor Application With Easy & Quick Installation
  • Doors With 180degree opening can be hinged on both right & left
  • With IP5X Ingress Protection
  • Enclosures are pretreated with Latest NANO Ceramic Coating
  • Eco-Friendly Powder coat Technique.
  • Form 4 enclosures (CPRI Type Tested) are available
  • Specific shades available on request
  • Products made from Aluminum & Stainless Steel also available
  • Customized dimensions available on request

Instrumentation Project Materials

  • Telenatics / Reymar Modems for Leased line communication
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Solid Flow Meters
  • Instrumentation Cable ( Industrial CSA cables , Photovoltaic CSA , Building wire etc , All Cables are RoHS  compliant)
  • Panel Accessories (Electrical & Automation)
  • Solar Inverters
  • Actuators and Deactivators

Arc detection system

  • The arc detection system is equipped with light-sensitive sensors which immediately detect the occurrence of internal arcs, this means that the effective duration of the arc is considerably shortened and the gas discharge from the switch unit is appropriately reduced
  • Maximum possible staff protection due to fast disconnection after max. 1 ms reduces the load on the switchgear, decreases the gas discharge and minimizes injuries.
  • Applications in medium voltage switch gears, prevention of arcs in mining, arc flash protection in wind turbines, power stations and national power grids, protection against injuries
  • Compact unit – arc fault and overcurrent protection, High speed arc fault detection & Overcurrent protection detection with less than 1ms
  • Combines optical fiber ring and point sensors

Single Phase & Three Phase Plug In Type DBs:

  • Distribution Boards are engineered and built to the latest International standards. They provide high level safety, reliability and easy maintainability and are well accepted for residential & Industrial installations. Distribution Boards are fully type tested at ‘KEMA, Netherlands.
  • Single & Double (Split) & Compact pan assembly designs available with easy interchangeability of component.